Are you looking for ECU remaps? We are experts in engine remapping of all types. Cardiff Remap provide a wide range of tuning services, backed up with the higest levels of support. Our dedicated team of tuners, engineers can tune almost any car, van, truck, boat or tractor.We offer different engine tuning services specific to YOUR vehicle. A performance map could significantly increase your power and torque levels. An economy map will give you a power increase, but you will also see a reduction in fuel consumption. Or we can go somewhere in-between with a blended map. The service is totally customised for you. 

We provide DPF solutions the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) has become a very common failure on later model Diesel cars as they get blocked up and fail. We can help correct these problems, with no future problems with DPF. EGR & LAMBDA deactivation, More and more vehicle owners are looking to remove the engines troublesome EGR valves from their vehicles as they are getting tired of paying big money to replace them regularly. The problem is, once you do this, you run into problems... If you simply remove the EGR system from the car, but do not disable it in the vehicles ECU, you will likely run into many problems. We can safely remove the software of EGR & Lambda sensors from your ECU and guarantee no future problems. Here at CARDIFF REMAP we have the very latest equipment allowing us to tune/remap almost any type of vehicle, new vehicles fitted with what the manufacturers call 'ANTI TUNE/TUNER PROTECT/LOCKED ECU'S' is nonsense, there is no such thing as a locked ecu that cannot be tuned here at Cardiff Remap.

Cardiff Remap provide a professional remapping service we can tweak your vehicle and make your engine more efficent and faster by giving your vehicle an increased power output, torque and fuel economy. We provide a solution for almost any vehicle. We also offer a mileage correction service and we are the only company in south wales that can do the new mercedes models, Volkswagen 3rd generation and the BMW F series.


Fine Tuning

4wd Dyno rolling road power runs & software calibrations. All under 1 roof

Performance Enhancement Specialists


Dpf Diesel Particulate Experts

Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust Fitting Centre

Autologic diagnostics

We can provide diagnostics for even the most expensive of cars. Our diagnostics can tell us if there is something wrong with your vehicle it is important to occasionaly get your vehicle tested as diagnostic tests can reveal problems within a car’s engine, transmission, exhaust system, brakes, and other major components, as well as performance issues with the fuel injector, air flow, coolant, ignition coils, and throttle. We even provide live data logging.

Mileage Correction

When you replace your instrument cluster with a brand new unit it will have zero mileage as its brand new. This instrument cluster will require reprogramming to the correct value. If you have purchased a second hand unit your instrument cluster will still require repgoramming as it will have a higher or lower milage than it should be. We provide a mileage correction service and can also reset your service indicator.

Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust Fitting Centre

We offer a wide range of performance exhausts from some of the leading manufacturers in the world including milltek, remus, akrapovic. We also have a custom exhaust technician in house. Building custom exhausts from t304 stainless steel.

Dyno Tuning

An amazing accuracy due to the help of our latest software & Dyno. We have worked closely with manufacturers ensuring we have the very latest technology allowing us to offer power runs and ECU mapping on some of the newest vehicles on the market. Using our purpose built 4wd dyno we can perform power runs & mapping on 90% of vehicles on the road, with an amazing accuracy.


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